Army Sgt. Brian Daniel Ardron

Sgt. Brian Daniel Ardron, known as Daniel, was born on February 20 1975 at Kennestone hospital in Georgia. He joined the Army a few months before 9/11/01. On November 07 2005, he married his wife Jessica Ardron. Sgt. Ardron deployed with the 425 BSTB from Fort Richardson Alaska on October 2 2006. On their one-year wedding anniversary, November 07 2006, Jessica gave birth to their son, Brian James Ardron. Sgt. Ardron came home on leave to meet his son on December 18 2006. Sgt. Ardron and two fellow soldiers were killed on May 21, 2007, in Iraq when their vehicle was hit by an IED. His wife Jessica Ardron, his son, Brian James Ardron, his brother Adam Ardron, his nephew, Dylan Ardron, his mother, Deborah Ardron, and father Brian Ardron survive Sgt. Ardron.