Navy Steelworker 3rd Class Emory J. Turpin

The Battalion Work

In a world too small, there is a man who has touched us all.

Always ready with a smile, he’d brighten the darkest of our days.

His word were always true, a man made of honor and courage,

He proudly served his red, white, and blue.

He is the spirit of those left behind,

Never will he escape our minds.

I’ve shared rainy nights, training fire-fights,

Cold showers and more often than not long and lonely nights.

Always he served by my side, shining with inner pride.

A man whose laughter made you smile,

A man whose words made you think,

A man who started in the South, but was always a Seabee,

A man we called our brother.

No words can express the pain,

Seemingly trapped in this dreadful rain.

There will soon be light in the darkness

For there is a man living above us all

A man, a friend, a brother.