Army Staff Sgt. David R. Jones Sr.

SSgt David R. Jones Sr. beloved husband of Karen Jones, beloved father of David Jones Jr. and Kristina Jones. David was 45 when he was killed. He had three passions in life; his God, his family and military history. David knew just about everything about military history. He has hundreds of books and knew everyone of them. David would read cover to cover books that other people would consider research books. He remembered everything he read. I don't think there were very many times that David did not have a book and a cup of coffee close by. David was a volunteer from the Georgia Army National Guard. His "real" job was a deputy with the Richmond County Jail.


Karen Jones


Wife of SSgt David R. Jones





The Associated Press

David R. Jones Sr. could talk about every ship and every battle in every war going back to biblical times.

“He was a master of facts and trivia. He loved the history of the world, the history of this country and military history,” the Rev. Mike Klaus said.

Jones, 45, of Augusta, Ga., died in a July 30 bomb blast in Baghdad. He was based Albany, Ga.

Fellow soldiers said they smile at his memory. When he was injured in an earlier bomb attack, other soldiers teased him about not being able to chew tobacco with a busted lip.

“He’s kind of like a big Santa Claus,” said 2nd Lt. Joseph Latella.

Before deploying for training, Jones worked as jailer with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, where he had been for almost eight years.

“He was one of the guys in the jail who would train new employees because he was so good at what he did,” said Sheriff Ronnie Strength.

In his last letter to his wife, Karen, he reminded her that serving his country was a choice he was willing to make.

“This is a part of who I am,” he wrote.

He also is survived by his son, David, and daughter, Kristi.