Marine Lance Cpl. Jeffrey D. Walker

My son Lance Cpl Jeffrey D. Walker was a loving son, brother and friend. But at the time of his death he was a new father. He left behind a 5 month old son, Conner. Conner was his daddy's pride and joy. He could not wait to watch him grow up, and to do the things with him that daddy's do. He was going to be a GREAT daddy. Conner is just like his daddy in so many ways, he looks like him and has his personality. I don't know what we would do without him.


Jeffrey was such a important part of our family. He was a nut, because if anyone could put a smile on your face it was him. He loved to play the drums and jam with his friends. He also liked to play pool, he and Kasey would go play pool all the time and he was really good at it. He would often impersonate Stitch from the cartoon Lilo and Stitch, Stuart from Mad TV and he was a real character. His nieces, nephew and little cousins were so close to him, and he made such a big impact on their lives.



Jeffrey was born and raised in Macon, GA. He had 2 sisters, Kelly and Kasey and he was always their protector even when he was in kindergarten he came to his third grade sisters rescue. We moved to Pike County when he was in his early teenage years where he graduated Pike Co. High in 2004. He joined the Marines a few months out of high school, and he felt like he needed to make some changes in his life and that was the way he wanted to do it. And change he did. He left for boot camp a boy and came back a man. His 5 year old niece asked him when he was home for Christmas why he went to war and his answer to her was "so that she could play out in the yard". He knew if we weren't fighting over there, then we would be fighting over here. I feel so honored to have had the privilege to raise him as my son and to see the fine man he became.....The Marine. We all miss him more than words can say, and there will forever be a void in our hearts and in our family. But we will raise his son and share our memories with him, and we will make sure that he knows his daddy is a true American Hero! OUR HERO!


Teresa Rutlege - Gold Star Mother - President