Marine Joshua Adam Scott

A little bit about him that we would like people to know is that he has loving parents, James and Teresa Scott.  He has three brothers Eddie, Tim, and Jeremy, and he was the youngest of the four.  He had a loving wife Mindy Scott and a beautiful little girl, Carmien Scott.  He has three nieces Madison, Cheyanne, and Trinity.  Along with five nephews Eyan, Gaven, Adam, Christian, and Tristian.  He loved to go fishing and spend time with his daughter.  He was a loving father, son, brother, and husband.  He died January 23, 2006 and it still seems just like yesterday.  Thank you for including us in your details, and may God continue to keep us strong and continue to protect our military heroes.

A Poem to Honor their Son

He arrived in the morning on December of 1981,
born to Ed and Teresa Scott their fourth and final son.
to look at him so tiny would make anyone want to cry,
precious baby boy with innocent hazel eyes.
he came into this world fighting to survive,

when his cries were heard it would make the room come alive.
as time went by he grew to a young man,
to know him was to love him you would have to understand.
he was there for his family and friends and loved them all,
and when they were in trouble he was the one to call.
On hot summer days you would see him with a fishing pole in hand,
on his way to the lake to put his feet in the sand.
he'd sit and he'd wait till the time was just right,
to reel in his line cause he had finally got a bite.
Years had passed since that morning in '81,
he had grown up and found that special someone.
The one he would settle down with and make his wife,
but not before doing something that would change his life.
He joined the marines and went to Camp Lejeune,
all so he could fight to protect people like me and you.
Soon after he found out he would be a dad,
to a beautiful baby girl that is what they had.
He could of come home but decided to stay,
he wanted his daughter to be proud of him one day.
He would call his family every night,
to let them know everything was alright.
He would tell them how his day had been,
and assure them he was always thinking of them.
He called one night to check in with them,
and to let them know he was going out again.
No one expected that Sunday morning to be his final call,
the next morning was hard for them all.
January 24th was a pretty sunny day,
until they saw the marines walking their way..
They knew the worst had come to a head,
their brave innocent baby boy was dead.
He died while trying to make his family proud,
the tears and the heartbreak could be heard from miles around.
They buried their boy close to their home,
so the family nor him would ever feel alone.
His parents keep hoping this is just a bad dream,
that they will wake up and those innocent hazel eyes is what they will see.
You sit and you wonder why would God let something happen so bad,
why would he want to see so many people so sad?
To know him was to love him you would have to understand,
he died for our country as a brave military man.



Parents of Marine Lance Cpl Joshua Adam Scott